Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery will join Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss in the film, which is being directed by Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip).

Perry wrote and will direct the psychological thriller, which centers on two women (Moss and Dockery) who retreat to a beach house to get a break from the pressures of the outside world. Although they grew up as best friends, they soon realize how disconnected from each other they have become, allowing their suspicions to bleed into reality.


This fall, Gap wants you to “dress normal” (normcore, anyone?) with the release of its new ads starring Hollywood’s biggest names.

The campaign — which features taglines “dress like no one’s watching” and “let your actions speak louder than your clothes” — stars Anjelica Huston, Elisabeth Moss, Jena Malone, Zosia Mamet, Michael K. Williams and Luke Grimes posing in their, uh, normal-looking clothes doing everyday things like feeding seagulls on the beach or staring deeply into the fridge, as one does when late-night hunger strikes.

“Finding your own version of ‘dress normal’ is an art — my normal is different from your normal, and that’s the essence of the campaign,” said Gap global chief marketing officer Seth Farbman in a statement. “This fall, Gap celebrates dressing for yourself and finding those perfect items — a pair of jeans, a t-shirt — that make you feel confident to be your most authentic self.”

Because being weird is overrated, anyway.


JON HAMM: You’re coming off Top of the Lake (the Jane Campion miniseries), and you did two movies, The One I Love and Listen Up Philip, back-to-back, both of which showed at Sundance. You won a Golden Globe. Earlier in the year, I think my statement to you was, “You’re having a very good 2014 and it’s only February!”
ELISABETH MOSS: [Laughs] Yeah!

JH: Obviously Mad Men has been a long run, an eight-year journey, but as you develop characters for something new, do you feel the difference?
EM: It’s a lot scarier. We’ve had so much time to live with the characters on Mad Men. We’ve grown and changed with them.

JH: You shot The One I Love in how many days?
EM: Sixteen or 17. It was a completely different experience from Mad Men. We were sort of flying by the seat of our pants. But you don’t want to do the same thing on your hiatus.

JH: I thought The One I Love was incredibly good. There wasn’t a full script for it, right?
EM: No, there was a 50-page “script-ment” as they called it, which had the general structure, some scenes, and the last act .


Big update to the Enchanting Elisabeth Moss gallery from two screenings of “The One I Love” this week.

Enchanting Elisabeth Moss Gallery > Events > 2014 > 08-04: The One I Love New York Screening
Enchanting Elisabeth Moss Gallery > Events > 2014 > 08-08: The One I Love – Los Angeles Premiere

USA TODAY: “Elisabeth, everyone under the sun wants to know if you’re going to be in True Detective.”

Mark Duplass: “I know more than she does at this point.”

Elisabeth Moss: “Literally, he probably does.”

Duplass: “I actually do know more.”

Moss: “You do? I know nothing. I know literally as much as you know. The rumors hit me –“

USA TODAY: “Rumors can be based on real things sometimes. They haven’t approached you?”

Moss: “I can’t even…it’s…you know… ” [Editor's note: Moss starts smiling.] “Not in the way everyone is talking about, honestly. I had to ask my own people, ‘Have you not told me something?’ For me as an actor who’s been in this business for over 25 years, it’s so flattering to be associated with that show. (And) for anyone to think that I could be a part of that show.”

USA TODAY: “But you like True Detective?”

Moss: “Yes!”

USA TODAY: “So you might do it.”

Moss, laughing: “Don’t try to –“

USA TODAY turns to Duplass: “You know a lot of people at HBO. You know what’s happening.”

Duplass: (Nods.) “I’ll just say that since people have started to see (The One I Love), I’ve gotten lots of e-mails from (HBO) brass that I work with, and every one of them is in love with Elisabeth Moss. So more and more rumors are going to fly.”


Elisabeth Moss could be the missing female lead in True Detective season two. E! News has confirmed the Mad Men star is in talks to join the HBO drama series for its upcoming second season. Moss, who shot to fame as Peggy Olson on the AMC period drama, would round out the four leads of the new season. Other names attached to True Detective season 2 are Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch.
The Wrap was first to report Moss’ potential involvement with the series and also reports The Killing and True Blood veteran Michelle Forbes is in talks for a role in the upcoming second season.