AMC has set the return for its longtime hit “Mad Men,” for Sunday, April 5 at 10 p.m., the network announced during Saturday’s Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena.
Additionally, it has ordered miniseries, “Making of the Mob: New York,” and will co-produce a series adapted from John Le Carre‘s novel, “The Night Manager.”
Produced by Lionsgate, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning “Mad Men” returns for its final seven episodes in April.


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“It’s kind of cool to pick up where Peggy leaves off,” Moss told EW. “Heidi is obviously younger than Peggy. She’s another, younger generation, so she’ll be exploring what it is to be a woman in the decades after we leave Peggy. I never intended to play Peggy as someone in the ’60s. I always wanted her to be really identifiable and really modern and I feel the same way about Heidi. Even though it is set in periods, I feel like she’s such a modern woman and she’s so identifiable.”
The Heidi Chronicles follows its protagonist Heidi Holland from 1965 to 1989. Heidi, an art historian, grapples with society’s and her own expectations of how women are supposed to lead their lives and achieve happiness. “That concept of ‘having it all’ is so timeless and it’s something that of course women deal with today everyday, and it’s relevant to women of any age,” Moss said.


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What drew you to this project?
I loved the script, which sounds so obvious, but in a way, with these smaller films, the script is everything. There’s that thing—someone said this to me the other day—no one ever made a good movie out of a bad script. The script was really unusual, and the best thing I had read in a while. I could see what kind of film it would be. I always had been a huge fan of Jason, and I thought we’d make a really interesting couple. And Alex and I got along really well in our initial meeting.


“The focus of that was so much, for [writer and director] Jane [Campion] and I, that Robin’s search for Tui and her search for the truth of the Tui story was her quest in life,” Moss said. “She just had such a knack for finding the truth and knowing when somebody was lying, and I think that was something I took away from that: Trusting your instincts, trusting when you know that you haven’t gotten the truth, when you don’t know the full story, and trusting that feeling that you get when you know that someone’s not being honest with you and you just have that nagging feeling. And I think that Robin’s quest for that definitely taught me something.”


Can you give us an Instagram snapshot of your closet — even though it’s probably empty now?

At the moment it’s all in boxes. I have about 20 different personalities; I change what I wear all the time. Sometimes I want to be girlie, so I have tons of dresses; sometimes I’m just Rag & Bones and T-shirts. I run the gamut; my closet represents so many personalities.

Would you consider yourself a fashionista, then?

Ah … no, not at all. I’m a girlie-girl. I love shopping, I really love clothes, I have too many clothes, but I don’t consider myself a fashionista. I’m not up on all the latest trends. And I do wish I had time to go shopping and find all the red carpet things myself. I’d prefer to do that, but obviously you can only wear this stuff once so it’s not financially practical. And I’d say also any cool fashion sense I have comes through my stylist [Karla Welch]. She does all the public things.